A loan without a bank is possible with us

Even if your company is successful in the market, if you are well established as a self-employed person, a small business owner or a freelancer, you can regularly generate steady sales and generate positive cash flow, you will not always be able to put back enough cash or bank deposits to be prepared for all

The payday loan calculator shows all costs & fees

BankFit is aimed specifically at business customers and offers them the opportunity to quickly and easily request a reputable short-term credit up to a maximum of € 10,000 online. On the website of the online provider for short-term loans, BankFit, you will find a convenient payday loan calculator. This will allow you to easily calculate

Will it be harder to get credit later?

The news that home loan tightening is expected to be tightened up constantly. On the road, they say they need to borrow now because it will be much harder later. Let’s find out what’s true and what’s not.   Why is it worth it now? We are really in the perfect time for home loans,

Good News on Home Loans!

The majority of credit institutions lowered their fixed-rate home loan interest rates this month. With this step, both homeowners and new applicants are doing well. Those who have previously borrowed and interest periods are now due to pay back hundreds of thousands of HUF less on their existing home loan due to interest rate cuts.

Simply apply for credit for freelancers

Self-employed and freelancers are often envied. After all, they are their own master, they can organize themselves, decide freely and determine their own income. However, the fact that freelancers have a lot more responsibility and have to do things themselves, which are automatically taken over by employees for employees, is often misunderstood. Especially when it

Term loan

Ability to secure financing The ability to secure financing for large and small projects through a bank has expanded in recent years with many new options. The credit business is no longer associated with long waiting times at the bank or particularly expensive conditions. The ever-new flexible use of credit is today found in a

Baby changing loans in practice!

However, it does not matter which bank you choose if you are looking for a Baby Loan to redeem, as not all financial institutions have the ability to use a Baby Loan to repay their loan. In the vast majority of cases, the credit institutions that grant prepayment determine the types of loans that can

Urban Transformation Credit Banks

Urban transformation loan , banks that give loans for urban transformation , the banks that give home loans in urban transformation are continuing in our article. Urban transformation is an application that is put into operation with the Law No. 6306 to prevent risky buildings from being demolished and replaced with new ones, thus reducing