Welcome to the
Plataforma en Red de Recursos Biomoleculares y Bioinformáticos, PRB2
(Biomolecular and Bioinformatics Resources Platform).

Biomedical innovation in the 21st century depends to a great extent on the easy access to sophisticated omics and bioinformatics technologies and on the availability of large numbers of biological samples and/or its associated data. Being aware of this urgent need and to support the development of the molecular medicine, the Spanish government has committed itself to create outstanding technology platforms that provide cutting edge technologies and knowhow to the R&D system.

To this end, the Biomolecular and Bioinformatics Resources Platform (Plataforma de Recursos Biomoleculares y Bioinformáticos, PRB2) has been created with a structure that consists of three technology platforms - ProteoRed (proteomics), CeGen (genomics), INB (bioinformatics) - and two biobanks: BNADN (DNA bank) and BNLC (cell lines bank).

The PRB2 entangle different complementary disciplines that allow the efficient management of complex investigations in biomedicine. State of the art technology is offered to the scientific community in a comprehensive manner, always with the support of top scientist in their respective specialties, who facilitate the design of the experiment, the analytical process as well as the data processing and interpretation. This multidisciplinary configuration enables the study of human biology in health and disease from a systems biology perspective, leading to a better understanding of complex pathogenic mechanisms and based on them, to the identification of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Therefore, the PRB2 democratizes the utilization of challenging technology within the biomedical and medical communities paving the way to the development of innovative clinical interventions customized to the necessities of each patient according to their molecular profile.

PRB2 Organization Chart