PRB2 integrates 5 service platforms with a consolidated experience, with sophisticated and updated equipment which is not available for the majority of the research groups and that they have, in addition, highly qualified personnel essential for its operation. This allows them to provide support of high level, supported by an activity of research and innovation itself, that gives added value to the results of research projects developed with its support.

Precisely the integration of these entities into an interdisciplinary platform like this offers huge possibilities to develop synergies and create joint research projects. One of the objectives of the PRB2 is the approach and future development of collaborative projects and their inclusion and collaboration is active in the large consortia and international genomics/proteomics research projects. In this sense include participation of all programmes of work in the design of a joint project for participation of PRB2  in the HPP . The collaboration of all of them in one of the biggest challenges of scientific research in the field international, is an example of its vocation of cooperation and internationalization. We cannot forget, in addition, one of the branches of the HPP, B/D-HPP (Biology and Disease driven HPP), which in Spain led by Dr. Francisco J. Blanco, Member of the PRB2, aims to inspire the scientific community and other agents social stakeholders in the development of methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment, useful for the healing of diseases and the improvement of human healthin perfect harmony with the State Plan of I+D+ i and the AES.