Centro Nacional de Genotipado

The Centro Nacional de Genotipado - Instituto de Salud Carlos III (CeGen-ISCIII) is a technological platform created in 2003 and, currently, an ISCIII's Stable Structure of Cooperative Research. Its goal is to perform large scale genotyping services (SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), CNVs (Copy Number Variations) and  InDels  (Insertions and deletions)) and methylation analysis, both in human and any other species, at low cost.

The CEGEN-ISCIII has highly qualified professionals and the most advanced genotyping platforms (Open Array and TaqMan/Kaspar Genotyping Systems (Applied Biosystems), MassArray system (Sequenom), iScan System (Illumina) Genechip and GeneTitan technologies (Affymetrix), and SureScan system (Agilent Technologies)), living in a constant adaptation process to cope with new demands from researchers and companies, both national and international.

Although the main goal of CeGen-ISCIII is to provide large-scale genotyping services, it also supports the researchers at the pre- and post- genotyping stages, as follows below:


  • Support in the selection of SNPs, CNVs and/or InDels in regions or genes of interest previously selected by the researcher.
  • Extraction, quantification and amplification of DNA samples provided by the researcher.
  • Advice on the most suitable technology for your project.


The CeGen-ISCIII has different genotyping platforms covering from whole genome analysis to custom genotyping services:

  • Whole Genome Scan: Affymetrix and Illumina arrays containing from 5M to 100K SNPs.
  • Custom Panels: OpenArray, TaqMan/Kaspar, Sequenom, Affymetrix and Illumina designs from 1,6 M to 25 SNPs selected by the researcher.
  • Human pre-designed Panels: OncoScan panels (Affymetrix and Illumina), Exome arrays (Affymetrix and Illumina), Cytogenetics arrays (Affymetrix and Illumina), CGH arrays (Agilent), PsychArray (Illumina), Biobank array (Affymetrix), Human Origins Array (Affymetrix).
  • Non human pre-designed Panels: Bovine (Affymetrix and Illumina), porcine (Illumina), canine (Illumina), ovine (Illumina), mouse (Affymetrix and Illumina), buffalo (Affymetrix), chicken (Affymetrix), salmon (Affymetrix), wheat (Affymetrix), rice (Affymetrix), lettuce (Affymetrix), pepper (Affymetrix), maize (Affymetrix and Illumina) and strawberry (Affymetrix) arrays.
  • Methylation: Whole genome methylation array interrogating 450K CpGsites (illumina) and custom panels (up to 50CpGs) with Sequenom.


  • Scientific advice
  • Support tools for genotyping data analysis

The CeGen-ISCIII is composed by two genotyping nodes, in Madrid (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas) and Santiago de Compostela (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), directed by Dr. Javier Benitez and Dr. Ángel Carracedo, respectively and an External Scientific Advisory Committee chaired by Dr. Xabier Estivill.