The judges of the penalty of directing the federal judicial authorities wrote many books and circulars to the courts of inquiry recommending the release of the accused unless there is sufficient evidence to convict them. He also pointed to its emphasis on reducing the procedures and the use of the legal passport to release the accused on bail, pointing to dealing privately with the file of women under investigation Should be released on bail if the offense against them is not intentional.


While a judge spoke extensively about the ways of release and types of bail, a prosecutor explained that one of the benefits of this release is that defendants are not confused with simple crimes of criminals in detention, as well as reducing the burden on police stations and ensuring that they are not overcrowded.


“The Criminal Procedure Law sets two ways for the release on bail, the first if the penalty of the accused is less than three years, which is stipulated in Article 110 / I of the law,” Judge Karim Bashat said in an interview with the Federal Judicial Authority Media Center.



He pointed out that “the law in this case requires the judge to release the accused unless there is a legal impediment (unless he sees that his release harms the conduct of the investigation or leads to his escape) as stated in this paragraph.