Course: "Technology Platforms and Big Data Applied to Precision Medicine"
Santander, from July the 31st to August the 4th, 2017 Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
Dr. Fernando J. Corrales
Centro de Investigación Médica Aplicada, CIMA
Coordinator of the Biomolecular and Bioinformatic Resources Platform (PRB2), and General Coordinator of Proteored

Dra. Concepción Gil
Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
UCM Training Coordinator for ProteoRed

The efficiency in the development and advancement of the biomedical research in the XXI Century depends to great extent on the access availability by the research groups to expensive -omic and bioinformatic technologies, as well as on the prompt access to great numbers of quality biological samples and/or information generated upon them. The spanish government promotes the endowment of the National RDI system with unique technological platforms, pioneers in their areas, for their spearhead technology as well as their national and international leadership. The Biomolecular and Bioinformatic Resources Platform, PRB2, includes 5 platforms: The Carlos IIII Networked Proteomics Platform (ProteoRed). National Genotyping Centre (CeGen), Spainsh National Bioinformatics Institute (INB), National DNA Bank (BNADN) and National Cell Lines Bank (BNLC).
The proposed course is intended to pre and post doctoral students who want to work on biomedical projects in which -omics and bioinformatics technologies are a requisite. It will also be of great usefulness to to personnel who is currently developing their training at hospitals (FIR, MIR, QIR, etc.) and to grade students related with biomedicine.